Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Final Word

Hey guys. I realize that I poofed for more than a year, and I'm sorry. It's just that Foo isn't a part of my life anymore, and I figure that I should close that door completely, by ending this blog.

I hope I've helped to shed some light on the true nature of FooPets and Rivet Games. But my time is up and I must say goodbye.

The Foopets community now consists of many adult players who have been playing since the beginning. These players are closed off, and quietly congregate in the mess that is now the forum, not allowing Foo to make another move against them.

Most of the community are teenagers who raise their own puppy mills, feeding their pets rarely and fighting in the forums, complete with swearing and graphic threats. There are several children who don't really socialize, mainly sit quietly, playing with their pets as their parents watch over their shoulders.

Mods are greatly absent from the forums and don't really do much to prevent drama when they are around.

FooPets has become a dystopian society, and it does not look like that will be changing anytime soon. So, I bid you farewell, loyal readers, as I close this blog. But fear not, we may meet again. Should anything change, I shall be around to report it.


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