Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Final Word

Hey guys. I realize that I poofed for more than a year, and I'm sorry. It's just that Foo isn't a part of my life anymore, and I figure that I should close that door completely, by ending this blog.

I hope I've helped to shed some light on the true nature of FooPets and Rivet Games. But my time is up and I must say goodbye.

The Foopets community now consists of many adult players who have been playing since the beginning. These players are closed off, and quietly congregate in the mess that is now the forum, not allowing Foo to make another move against them.

Most of the community are teenagers who raise their own puppy mills, feeding their pets rarely and fighting in the forums, complete with swearing and graphic threats. There are several children who don't really socialize, mainly sit quietly, playing with their pets as their parents watch over their shoulders.

Mods are greatly absent from the forums and don't really do much to prevent drama when they are around.

FooPets has become a dystopian society, and it does not look like that will be changing anytime soon. So, I bid you farewell, loyal readers, as I close this blog. But fear not, we may meet again. Should anything change, I shall be around to report it.


Friday, August 5, 2011

What hapened to....

I know many people have been wondering about their old Foo Friends. Did they pay for ClubFoo or go down in honor? Perhaps these videos can give you a bit of closure.

I hope you can all get a bit of closure from this.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Workers Abusive?

I have been doing research for these past months, which is why The Truth About Foo has been inactive. I have been going over reviews and have found something shocking! Look at This review for FooPets:
"Foopets borders on fraud and breaks children's hearts.
Anyone who lets their kids play on this site is a fool. You now have to pay money to play on here and their terms of service say that they can delete any content at any time. So basically, your kids pay for pets and items that can be deleted tomorrow. .............It is supposed to be for 13 and older only....but anyone who plays on this site is only getting ripped off...... The biggest problem is that they sell you pets and items for your pets that have a price. Then they have a marketplace where kids can trade things. That would be a great teaching tool if Foo didn't constantly change the rules. One day my child bought a pet that cost 15.00 dollars (once converted to real money) and the next day foo changed the price of that pet to 5 dollars. My child was crying her eyes out. Then they had a way for you to "earn" foogems so you can buy pets with them....after months of earning these gems foo suddenly and without any notice stopped the practice and now all her hard work was for nothing. She cannot get the pet she worked for because they yanked it from her. Further, customer service on this site is downright abusive. They attack parents who complain and tell them repeatedly either to keep paying or shut up. And if you really complain loudly, they delete your account and keep all your child's pets and delete them all. This site is a rip off. Don't believe me? Here is a quote from their terms of service: "FooMojo has the right to change, edit, modify, delete or discontinue (a) any feature, function, description, process, art, images, and / or format on FooPets (b) any part of all of FooPets website and/or applications, (c) restrict access to parts of all of FooPets at any time without notice. Simply put, we may change this site or delete content or features or any services provided in any way or any time and for any reason or no reason." You would have to be a fool to give money to a site that claims they can keep your money and give you nothing in return any time they please. Can anyone tell me if this is even legal? Keep people away from this site!"

Look at the section in red. Interesting, yes? Let me get right to the point now:

"I have seen the adults tell children they are immoral and should not be allowed to roam society (and this by the employees on the site). Shocking! ..................There is rampant cursing on this site that easily gets around the computer sensors by using a space here and there. Employees are there when it is time to bash the children but strangely absent when it is time to protect them."

"Their forum moderators are not nice people and are extremely rude and condescending. Adults are treated like children and children are treated like refuse. Trust me, EVERY negative comment here is spot on."

"The admin harass and abuse members as well as let other users do so as well. They do not protect your children's safety (I have since taken my children as well as myself off). There were various instances or porn pictures posted, violent messages on forums and user walls, not always by users."

Well friends, what have we learned today?

  1. That FooPets staff are bad nuts?
  2. That FooPets is a bad site?
  3. That FooPets needs to rehire?
  4. All of the Above?
Before I go, a shout out to BooFoo for being a great place to reconnect with old friends. Check it out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has come.

We all knew it would happen. But now, here it is. Any member with out ClubFoo on their account will not be allowed to play anymore. Here we will be counting down until the fateful day when many who do not know, will try to access their accounts to find they are frozen. Imagine how heartbroken they will be. Their poor pets! You see FooPets, Some people can not AFFORD your silly membership fee. This, my friends, is a Major leap, growing closer and closer to Foo's downfall.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink? Really?

Okay, now I just gotta know. Why PINK?! Not just any pink, NEON pink! It hurts peoples eyes! I just find this pretty pointless. Why Pink? PINK? There are boys on the site as well! Grown Men! Listen to these:

The colors are blinding me, especially because I’m extra sensitive to light because I might have AS. >.<

I hate it it really hurts!

this is blinding >.< I feel sick to my stomach just cause’ of the colors!

Blah, the new layout is killing me too. My eyes hurt and a headache is creeping up on me. Great, so now I’m going to have to take some medicine for headaches whenever I get on FooPets? Better stock up I suppose.

I noticed that we got the transparent bar back in our pet’s play scenes, I’m very grateful for that. Still, why does it seem that whenever they fix something for us, they always add something that we hate? I don’t recall anyone asking for a new layout filled with neon colors! People have been complaining about the pink, but it’s actually the blue that’s awful for me.

I love how they ask for feedback concerning the RP board, but don’t even think to ask about a much worse problem (for some): the new layout. I hate complaining since it really does nothing to help anything and this subject also has many complaints, but this honestly hurts!

I logged on and I went blind.

Does anyone else’s eyes hurt right now? Cause these colors make me wanna stab by eye sockets. >.< Seriously? Bright pink and blue? Baby blue buttons?? i am a man. i have needs, and one of them is not to feel like a girl as much as possible on a pet website. This doesnt help. At.All

I'm sorry, I might be a girl and all, but those colors are disturbing, and make my eyeballs want to explode from my head and runaway.

These are just few of the many protestors against this. My Advice? Turn down the brightness on your comruter. Oh, and get some headache pills.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Hero: SapphiraTigress

Another FooHero. Stating the truth. The quotes are bq.s

I don’t blame the ambassadors for any of this. They are LITERALLY a human wall who work the front lines defending Foo because that is what they signed up for. THEY take all the hits from upset members and constant idiots who are making this place seem like hell 3 times over. Administrators have YET to make an appearance, and what did it take to GET that small window of them paying attention? A FULL WEEK of ranting. Now what does that tell you about this company? The poor ambassadors don’t do anything, but are the first hit with upset attitudes and vengeful members.

This site is hypocritical. Half the members say they want something, and the other half say they don’t. Then EVERYONE gets upset because its not THEIR way. Its called COMPROMISE people. But either way, the entire SITE is being treated like children. When the MAJORITY of the members ON this site are PARENT’S THEMSELVES! Why has Foo become like Kindergarten class? Punishing the WHOLE class because of some goofball kids? Its not the CLASSES responsibility for the kids actions, its the PARENTS.

Am I mad at Foo? Yes. Because they’re working in an elementary school manner, which always gets nothing but crying kids and upset parents.

Personally, the ambassadors, aren’t even ambassadors. Because AMBASSADORS should be helping the business communicate with the members. Switching back and forth ideas and answers. But they’re literally just Foo’s Police force. And not saying its not a good thing, because it is. Its just gotten to a point where the way that Foo is operating with them is ridiculous. THEY do most of the “dirty work” in a sense.

Why haven’t the ADMINISTRATORS come on and said anything eh? Why are they hiding behind the brave people trying to stick up for the site THEY are killing? They are weak, they are spineless and they work in a terribly unorganized way. This is what is going to hurt the site overall.

And not all kids under 13 are vicious. They’re MATURE about it and wait patiently to be of age to get the same freedom as anyone 13 and over. THAT is the difference between idiots and ACTUAL mature kids.

I’m just along for the ride, waiting for it to go down. I know it can’t possibly last much longer than another year with the rate people are quitting. And its sad. I just wish there was better communication with the people running the site and the members. It would make everything OH SO MUCH better than it is now.

"I have seen ambass say that privileges like meebo will be taken away if we don use it properly,lily my mum does. With my 3 year old brother."

Yes. And its because of those who abuse it. I have done, more than once. Who HASN’T? Unless you don’t use it. But with MORE and MORE way’s to express ourselves being taken away, the site gets MORE and MORE boring. I’d LOVE to have SOMEONE tell me that ALL they do is sit on Foo for 6 hours playing with their pets. Not on the forums. Not on the games. Not sending messages, without another tab of SOME OTHER site open. I listen to music when I’m on Foo. Some people Flockdraw. Others are on mulitple sites. Its what people DO to keep themselves occupied. And the more of that they take away, the less amount of people are going to want to stay on here.

"here comes the magical thread delete wand sigh"

I’m waiting for it as well. Because what people don’t understand is that they’re now trying to silence us all. To get rid of the rebels who actually KNOW a bit about business. And there isn’t much to know after THE CUSTOMER. Has anyone noticed that there are an AVERAGE of 10 people quitting a DAY. Does anyone realize how much money they’re losing because of this? Why do you think NOTHING in the Foomart is for Foogems anymore? And why they don’t show that many videos in the Bank? And why they made the site pay to play? They’re struggling. We can ALL see it, but not all of us accept it.

"See ? They deleted my other post .
Worst of all , a admin or ambassodor did it =/"

Yes well. It was a bit hostile in their eyes. Though its an honest and true thing that you said. Because most of these threads are eliminated before the first person even gets to post. I’m grateful for the time and responses I’ve gotten though. Regardless if I get deleted or not. Because I have voiced what I wanted to say. And this is a SUGGESTION and at the same time a WARNING to the company. To either stop their child play or man up. Literally. Elementary school is behind most of us, why can’t we just act like adults?

Thank You SapphiraTigress.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Message Mayhem

The Forums are in a frenzy over the newest update: NO MESSAGES!!!!!! What is the cause of this? Why? Is it a glitch? What is going on? Why do the messages not just show up? Why must we go to preferences and set them? So many questions. All We can do is wait for answers.

UPDATE: It is a glitch. But how did a glitch like this happen?