Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Workers Abusive?

I have been doing research for these past months, which is why The Truth About Foo has been inactive. I have been going over reviews and have found something shocking! Look at This review for FooPets:
"Foopets borders on fraud and breaks children's hearts.
Anyone who lets their kids play on this site is a fool. You now have to pay money to play on here and their terms of service say that they can delete any content at any time. So basically, your kids pay for pets and items that can be deleted tomorrow. .............It is supposed to be for 13 and older only....but anyone who plays on this site is only getting ripped off...... The biggest problem is that they sell you pets and items for your pets that have a price. Then they have a marketplace where kids can trade things. That would be a great teaching tool if Foo didn't constantly change the rules. One day my child bought a pet that cost 15.00 dollars (once converted to real money) and the next day foo changed the price of that pet to 5 dollars. My child was crying her eyes out. Then they had a way for you to "earn" foogems so you can buy pets with them....after months of earning these gems foo suddenly and without any notice stopped the practice and now all her hard work was for nothing. She cannot get the pet she worked for because they yanked it from her. Further, customer service on this site is downright abusive. They attack parents who complain and tell them repeatedly either to keep paying or shut up. And if you really complain loudly, they delete your account and keep all your child's pets and delete them all. This site is a rip off. Don't believe me? Here is a quote from their terms of service: "FooMojo has the right to change, edit, modify, delete or discontinue (a) any feature, function, description, process, art, images, and / or format on FooPets (b) any part of all of FooPets website and/or applications, (c) restrict access to parts of all of FooPets at any time without notice. Simply put, we may change this site or delete content or features or any services provided in any way or any time and for any reason or no reason." You would have to be a fool to give money to a site that claims they can keep your money and give you nothing in return any time they please. Can anyone tell me if this is even legal? Keep people away from this site!"

Look at the section in red. Interesting, yes? Let me get right to the point now:

"I have seen the adults tell children they are immoral and should not be allowed to roam society (and this by the employees on the site). Shocking! ..................There is rampant cursing on this site that easily gets around the computer sensors by using a space here and there. Employees are there when it is time to bash the children but strangely absent when it is time to protect them."

"Their forum moderators are not nice people and are extremely rude and condescending. Adults are treated like children and children are treated like refuse. Trust me, EVERY negative comment here is spot on."

"The admin harass and abuse members as well as let other users do so as well. They do not protect your children's safety (I have since taken my children as well as myself off). There were various instances or porn pictures posted, violent messages on forums and user walls, not always by users."

Well friends, what have we learned today?

  1. That FooPets staff are bad nuts?
  2. That FooPets is a bad site?
  3. That FooPets needs to rehire?
  4. All of the Above?
Before I go, a shout out to BooFoo for being a great place to reconnect with old friends. Check it out!


  1. Ugh.
    I just found this blog after finding a link on www.chickensmoothie.com. I read every single post, and I can not believe what Foo is doing!
    I am so glad I never followed my impulses to buy FooDollars, or anything for that matter. FooPets is horrible- I see that now. Thanks so much for making this blog so that people in dark like me can see what FooPets is really all about.

  2. I used to have a foopets account back when foopets wasn't that bad. then they started changing it and i had 20 pets. i got bored of the site and started giving my niece foopets i bought with the money that i earned from selling most of my pets. then they made it so you had to pay money to even own a foopet. and since she couldn't afford to own one she had to deal without her most beloved foopets. i completely agree with you on everything and im glad i quit that site before anything bad happened to me.

  3. Not only is their staff abusive, but could give a damn about their paying members who have been harassed or abused by other players. The MODS won't do anything about it, their too busy focusing locking threads. That whole company is pure BS for the lack of anything from anyone. Mods alike (aside from a very small handful who are actually doing their job properly). So on top of removing everything, no longer adding a damn thing, they are also allowing for member abuse and now censorship over the most ridiculous matters. A few of those shitty mods are on some wicked powertrip.....on a pet site.

  4. I started a petition to shut FooPets down.
    Go here and sign it!
    Meow, if you want you can make a post about the petition, as the more people who sign it, the better.

  5. Kimberly- The whole reason I started this blog was to educate people of the horrors happening behind the scenes of FooMojo- Now Rivet Games. I signed the petition and will be making a post about it in the very near future.

    Enough- FooMojo/Rivet Games Mods have always been quite impulsive and I found them quite rude to many people on many occasions. When one of my dear friends messaged one of them that they should treat their members a bit better, they just blew her off and suspended her. As soon as her suspension was over, she quit. They didn't intervene for nearly an hour with a troll claiming to be God, and a troll swearing everyone out. They only seemed to do something when the troll insulted THEM....

    Food o.o- I quit as soon as the colors came up, and couldn't have been happier that I left. I can't help feeling bad for your poor niece, being conned like that.

  6. The ambassdors on foo are getting a lot more rude now and almost abusive. But thats because 98% of the members on foo are completely out of line all the time. The ambassdors and admins keep locking threads time after instead of focusing on the members that keep acting like little brats. Right now, its came to the only reason i stay on foo is because of my friend and pets and maybe for the slight fact i want to see foo crash.

  7. Well what I think happened is that the people who run Foo where abusive and took things away from kids and other members and that in turn, turned the members into raving little brats who lash out at everyone else and the admins. If you think about it, it makes sense. I felt it was a shady site when I first joined (I don't remember when) but the only reason I stayed was cause of my friends I had made and cause of my pets. Then I moved and didn't have internet and couldn't be on for a couple months and when I came back my account was locked and they said I had to join ClubFoo to re-join. :( So I lost a lot of friends and I lost my pets also.
    When I would ask the admin questions they would give me snotty answers also.