Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has come.

We all knew it would happen. But now, here it is. Any member with out ClubFoo on their account will not be allowed to play anymore. Here we will be counting down until the fateful day when many who do not know, will try to access their accounts to find they are frozen. Imagine how heartbroken they will be. Their poor pets! You see FooPets, Some people can not AFFORD your silly membership fee. This, my friends, is a Major leap, growing closer and closer to Foo's downfall.


  1. A bunch of members are quitting too so this will just cause Foo to LOSE money. I don't know a single person who is actually going to PAY for a website that has been a jerk to everyone. The site was already getting worse and worse before this happened. But go on FooPets Exodus, it's a place for all the Foo people that are being kicked out.

  2. guys, i just made a site for all people who were frozen off foopets to reconnect with eachother. Foomojo being really stupid... especially from a business standpoint.