Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink? Really?

Okay, now I just gotta know. Why PINK?! Not just any pink, NEON pink! It hurts peoples eyes! I just find this pretty pointless. Why Pink? PINK? There are boys on the site as well! Grown Men! Listen to these:

The colors are blinding me, especially because I’m extra sensitive to light because I might have AS. >.<

I hate it it really hurts!

this is blinding >.< I feel sick to my stomach just cause’ of the colors!

Blah, the new layout is killing me too. My eyes hurt and a headache is creeping up on me. Great, so now I’m going to have to take some medicine for headaches whenever I get on FooPets? Better stock up I suppose.

I noticed that we got the transparent bar back in our pet’s play scenes, I’m very grateful for that. Still, why does it seem that whenever they fix something for us, they always add something that we hate? I don’t recall anyone asking for a new layout filled with neon colors! People have been complaining about the pink, but it’s actually the blue that’s awful for me.

I love how they ask for feedback concerning the RP board, but don’t even think to ask about a much worse problem (for some): the new layout. I hate complaining since it really does nothing to help anything and this subject also has many complaints, but this honestly hurts!

I logged on and I went blind.

Does anyone else’s eyes hurt right now? Cause these colors make me wanna stab by eye sockets. >.< Seriously? Bright pink and blue? Baby blue buttons?? i am a man. i have needs, and one of them is not to feel like a girl as much as possible on a pet website. This doesnt help. At.All

I'm sorry, I might be a girl and all, but those colors are disturbing, and make my eyeballs want to explode from my head and runaway.

These are just few of the many protestors against this. My Advice? Turn down the brightness on your comruter. Oh, and get some headache pills.

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