Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Ron: Ex Con?

Yup. You heard right folks. The "Good Doctor" is not so good. He was released from prison. Yes, Prison, The Slammer, Choker. Hornbaker had blackmailed AOL users in chat rooms. It's funny knowing that when you see that awkward, nerdy little man at the bottom of a newsletter, he's a criminal. Here are some quotes and pages to check if you don't believe me.

Conway bets big on stealthy ex-felon — Famed investor Ron Conway has not only invested in Foomojo, the new stealth online gaming startup of convicted felon Ron Hornbaker, but listed it off to peHUB as one of the companies he’s most excited about. We wouldn’t bet against him — Hornbaker is also the founder of Alexaholic, a stats site famed for outdoing Alexa using the its own data (now called Statsaholic, and the target of a sour-grapes lawsuit from Alexa owner Amazon).


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  2. How come I never knew? Home come Dr.Ron isn't executed?! How come my entire life has been a lie?