Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who am I?

I am sure many of you are wondering just WHO I am. I can not tell you this. Foo has spies everywhere. If they knew who I was I would be banned. Gone. Zing. If someone on FooPets mentions this blog I am not necessarily that person! I have many, many people working on my side that were all to happy to help. Think of me as FooPet's own Julian Asange.


  1. Lol, good for you,I don't care if they want to suspend me for telling the truth( though I understand why you want to stay hidden, that is a good way to learn information).I try to maintain a good relationship with foo, but if they ever want to ban me for telling the truth, they are welcome, to me, I like my virtual pets, but no one is going to hold them over me.

  2. i know all about these spies, they are everywhere, my friends were banned by them just because we know the truth, the ugly truth about all the lies they told, and even as i post this i have a fear of foo tracking this down and deleting it