Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Foodollars Declining Rapidly

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The changes, were for money gain for Foopets™ as a business. Earning money is one thing, but causing every member of the website is another. Fewer pets are selling, because
very few members have the money to even afford a 45fd pet. In the ‘Free [Object]’ threads, about 99.3% say the costumer/consumer must go first in the deal. This most the time is not because they are afraid of being scammed, but because they have no foodollars to go first. And even free pets aren’t selling.

The tax raise is a big issue, and a major focus for my point. Thousands of foodollars are disappearing right before our eyes. When someone buys from someones sale, 25% of the foodollars they spent just disappear into the air. When you buy from the FooMart, it goes absolutely nowhere. The money disappears.

The pet price-raise is another focal point I would like you guys to look at. Foopets is forcing pets to be more money, that means you should have a steady supply of foodollars in your account. And transferring foodollars through accounts has became a hassle, because they are practically useless; they come up as very little or no foodollars on the account they are transfered to.

Another foodollar take-away is the Daily Foo-Spinner. A while ago, the foodollar feature was taken off the spinner. Foo does not want to give out foodollars for free. They want all the foodollars left to eventually disappear, so we will be forced to pay for foodollars, and/or join Club Foo.

Many cannot afford this in the economic crisis our country is going through, and just the rules and restrictions have become ridiculous. We are being forced to pay, or leave.

Foogem Fridays were apparently taken away because of members who were being ‘boasters’. That is human nature, and, obviously, not the real reason. Foopets does not want people to get through using foogems anymore. They are practically useless now, and everything used with them is very expensive. Rumors are going around that Foo is going to eventually ease us off of foogems completely. That’s when I’ll quit.

Pay, or quit?

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