Sunday, January 23, 2011

Illegal Meebo Monitoring

FooPets does not own Meebo. So then why do they monitor it as if it was theirs? They legally can not do that. It is not their invention or company and they do not own it. It is not even related to FooPets. If it was wouldn't it be called FooChat? As a matter of fact, I doubt Meebo will still be here for much longer, unless they wish to get sued by Meebo's creators.


  1. there are some interesting comments - and information - on this subject at Spyglass on WordPress...last few comments on the "Kate" post.

  2. Wow... So here is my opinion. We both have our views on the subject. You do have many good points. So how about instead of disagreeing we help each other with out sites. I just also have a question about the FooKate thing: People saw her as a Guru, without a A. Then her account was gone. Did she delete it after she quit?

  3. yes, though it looks doubtful if she quit, at least voluntarily. in order for the pets to go the the fooshelter as they did, it was necessary for her to delete the account herself, or at least someone with her log-on. the account now comes up under a different name, by the way. i have no need or reason to disagree, have been passing along what i hoped was useful information, as per your request...the more people working constructively, the better.