Saturday, January 1, 2011

How do people feel?

Okay. People hate the changes. Yes. But there is more to it than that. Here are some real users responses to the changes:

Foo used to be a fun site where proud owners could post pictures of their beloved pets. I mean, what is the point of the real pets forum, if you can’t see the pets that everyone is talking about? I have been here for almost a year now, and I miss all of the benefits that I used to have. Come on FooMojo. Let us post our pictures and all of this will be over.My friends want to make accounts on this website. I am on the urge of telling them that there is no point to.I remember that Kate would take the time to comment on our threads. Actually TELL us what she was going to do, before she did it. I will be in this fight until the end!! I just warned all of my friends on Facebook about this. They are very upset. They thought that FooPets was the one website where the rules were easy and everything was cheap. I told them that that is how it used to be. What are you going to do next? Get real!-BlueMoonCollies

I’m just tired of this. What’s next!? You have to pay to go in the forums!?(I doubt this will ever happen,but still) I’m sick and tired of all this crap. Ya know,I might even think of quitting myself. I’m sure some Admin must be reading this. So,here’s what foo, I just gonna stop right here,you crossed the line. I have a huge problem,and I go to FooPets to relax,but with all the changes,I can BARELY RELAX! I dream of one day becoming a yellow star,but I don’t think that’ll ever happen. So,I’m just gonna say this: You MAKE one more change to this site besides something to do with paying,and I’m gonna rant my head off. -Littlestpetshoplover

Seriously, no pics even if we drew them ourselves?
Come on, FooPets. -MonsterX-X-X

- Pictures
Its unnecessary.That is what it is.You can ban pictures from members one-by-one. Not every single person here. If someone posts copyright pictures, take away there privileges for posting pics. Not everyone.
- Beta
Again, An unnecessary feature.We don't need the latest technology to be happy.
- FooPoo
We have enough in RL.We don't need virtual poo to stack on top of the endless mistakes Foo has made. -Brinkerz

FooMojo, you’re ticking me off. Like, really bad, and I’m going to have a few more words about the subject before this is over. YOU WON’T LISTEN TO US.We give you money for your paychecks. We put food on your tables. We give you things in exchange for a service. And your service is plummeting, and we’re not going to pay the same value for it now as we did before. Why is it that you act as if us, the supportive money-paying members, do not exist? Like we should have no input on what happens to the site, which we pay good cash for? You just go off on your own thing, leave us waiting on the curb, until you dart back with a horse to trample our feet. What’s wrong with you? You switched our layouts, permanently. Did we get any say in this? Did WE get to even let you know which is better, which we preferred, which we would pay money for? Nope, nope. We don’t matter. Get your money out of thin air, why don’t you.Same with Beta. You let us preview, give you a bit of feedback…but only a small percentage of us got to test this. I was one of these people, and I’ll tell you that it messed up my computer back then the same way it does now. You switched it permanently without telling us. Would it kill you to shoot us a warning, about a week or so before hand? That would be convenient for everyone. And now, you are massacring the large portion of the forums which center around cultural expression and visual artistic works. Without giving a single soul a warning about this. Your moderators learned at the same time as the customers did, and that’s just a tad bit pathetic to me. You are slaughtering the heads off of the artists that thrive on contests and art shops, and simple showcases. You’re cutting away at our limbs here. The good outweighs the bad in the art community, and you’re the only ones blind enough to not realize that.You FooMojo guys need to buckle up your belts and get to work before you slowly graze away every loyal customer you ever beheld. -Arcteec

First of all, the Picture Rule. Is it really necessary to ban pictures from Foopets? If there is a problem with pictures, ban that individual member from posting not ALL of foopets!Second of all: Foo poo… It is horrible to see a foopet that hasn’t been cared for a while pretty much LIVING in poop! For me, after one day, I have STACKS of poop surrounding my dogs! I know it is supposed to be “realistic” but really foopets! Why piles of poop in your scene after only one day? At least decrease the amount of poop.

Foo is no longer about virtual pets as I was told a year ago when I first turned 13 and got a account. Then it was about fun and pets. Admins listened to us and Mojo tried to act for what we wanted. But do they now? No. The search bar is down. The shelter is overflowing. Too much poo to bear. Price raise on pets. New Format. Beta. And everyone’s quitting.I gave them another chance when they came up with Vampire Cats and ruined the whole most realistic virtual pets. I gave them a second chance at Poop. I gave them a chance when they stuck us with beta. But this is it. If they blow this last chance, I’m done. This is where I draw the line.They care nothing about us! They care about money! They have proven that. Last chance foo. Don’t blow it. -SnuffleBuddy2011

Ah, the new and improved foo. Foo-Poo, Beta, and now pictures are banned. No no no, not just some kinds. Oh no. All kinds. Yes, sure, you can have them on your profile. I can cope. But what I think sucks is that we can’t post any kind of pictures. What’s up with that? Why would you leave us on the curb getting ready to just go out in the street, and get hit? We’re ALL being hit with these new changes. It isn’t fair. Foo-Poo, ok, fine. It makes the pet more realistic and challenging. I can deal with that. Beta is nothing. I can go on mobile, or insta-care. Fine. But, banning all pictures around all forums is a BIT much. What fun is chit-chat when you can’t post funny pictures, or post a foo-foto of your pet to advertise your pet? What fun is role-playing when you can’t post looks for your role-playing character? What fun is breeding when you can’t post a picture of the pet that’s available for adoption? Why take away pictures, because they’re copyrighted? Why punish the good people? Why not punish the bad people? What’s the next change for foo? Profile pictures will be banned? Or, while you’re at it, pictures on our profiles? I understand you try your best to make us happy, and I appreciate that. But this has gone too far. What will be Foo’s future? I mean, come on. If we can’t post Foo-Foto’s, why keep the Foo-Foto Studio open? Why do anything? Pictures make things vivid, colorful, and most of all fun. Foo will be no fun without pictures. Now, going on to the next part.What about artists? What if some people want to show off some art, or be nice and do art for people? That’s ruined too. So are IMVUs. All kinds of pictures. I JUST got a new printer recently, and I love to draw. I wanted to share my drawings with foo-world. I cannot even do that. Basically, art is done. Bye-Bye. Woosh. Adios. None of it seems fair, and I believe you should change this world. Look at people’s profile pictures. We’re protesting. And we won’t give up until we’re having fun again..Now, onto minor things that are least important than the newest change. FooPoo. Search box has been “Temporarily shut down” for MONTHS!Foo was better off a year ago, I am sure. I have not been here for a year, but from what I have heard, foo was FUN a year ago. Foo now is just…un-fair. FooMojo. Please. LISTEN TO US AND FIX WHAT IS WRONG. -8D-VampireKitty

I’ve been through a LOT of changes on Foo.Yeah Beta sucked. But at least they gave us a forum to actually talk about how to fix the suckiness. BUT the downside to that, is that even though WE asked for it, we realized how much more difficult it made the game, hence why we wanted to chuck it. It is much better than it has been since they first launched it, but its still slow and difficult to use. As for the ClubFoo? Yes, I do believe its fair. BUT at the same time, they gave all us regular members False hope about creating a program where ANY member could submit artwork to be put into the Foomart. I asked this question SPECIFICALLY MONTHS AGO! And they told me they’re working on a program where anyone could submit work to be put into the Foomart. But guess who ACTUALLY got it? ClubFoo. Now I can understand the FD allowance, the 1st people to get a pet, the Forum, but a program you said that would be for ANY member now just confined to the people who have a bit extra to you? That crosses the line. They also get quicker support than the regular members. No matter what they say they do. I have a regular account and my gramma has a ClubFoo and it took LONGER for them to fix my problem than it did theirs. And for Support? I can’t complain a ton about it. Though its so DULL. Support is supposed to be a REAL LIFE PERSON talking to you. I’m SO sick of:
Dear Member

We cannot fix this problem at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please message us if there is anything else we can do. Or if you need any other assistance.

(Some random Administrator)

WE. WANT. REAL. PEOPLE. TO. TALK. That perfect english, yes, its nice to have. But I’d actually like to speak with someone who isn’t so freaking formal. I like to know there is a HUMAN who is laid back and kind to be assisting me with my problems. As for this picture thing? People work HOURS and DAYS on things that they are proud to post on this site. And let me think..this site has been on for what? More than 2 years? How did someone just NOW realize that more copyrighted pictures are being posted on here? AFTER 2 YEARS?! That’s a bit late if you ask me. And for all those people who make graphics for their shelters and centers and threads? What happens then? I know I personally like seeing them. Because it makes them seem more official. So what happens when you can’t post anymore logo’s or headers for your threads? Its just a bit sad that you realize this now and not when this site just started. For anything and everything else? The Search Box HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SHUT OFF SINCE THE SITE BEGAN! The Give Us Feedback HAS BEEN OVERFLOWED WITH SUPPORT AND MORE GOOD IDEAS ARE PUSHED TO THE BACK. AND ALL THE LINKS YOU TRY AND PUT NEVER WORK! The Support? Very slow. Very dull. The New Pets? You very rarely ever give us what we specifically ASK you for. So why do you think we would spend more money on something we DON’T want? You cannot blame the ambassadors for any of the changes. It all goes straight to FooMojo period. Look around. See what hassle you’ve caused. Look and see how many empty accounts you have because of your greediness. I cannot say everything is bad, because it isn’t. A lot is. But DON’T FIX WHAT WASN’T BROKEN. Fix what hasn’t been fixed yet. How about starting with the Search Box? Its something that needed fixed since the place opened in the first place….. -MissKaylah


  1. Ok i know that this is a "freedom of speech" situation... but honestly i cant agree with any of u on any of these "problems". first off: Do u realise that all of u complaining is probabaly the reason that you got kicked off in the first place!?!?! I love all u non-clubfoo members but this is kinda out of control! The set up on foopets has nothing to do with us, and the pics on the the forums... not that serious! And the poo! Just suck it up and deal with it! If u got a problem with it being there, pick it up.Second off: It is not UR site. it is THEIR site. if you got a problem with it then get off! Before i tottally supported u on the changes but know i c what u guys r complaining about. I c u would lyk to be informed and to be heard. Simple solution! tell a clubfoo memeber to post it in the forums for clubfoo. dr. jane replys to them. look i know SOME of the changes r hard to deal with... but they were all done for a reason! i was torn about not being able to sell on foopets. but the reason behind it was all the scaming that was happening! U have gotten kicked out most likely cuz of all of this... i just wish u all realised that before.

  2. hey if you guys want to share your artwork and get feedback on it go to i've been on that site for a few years now and there haven't been any major complaints(that i've seen). everyone i meet there is nice and actually help each other. if you don't like foopets then quit. thats what i did and i found and to be more fun and affordable than foopets. look around you. foopets isn't the center of the world. get over it.

  3. Howrse has something that go on that aren't obvious when you first join I know someone that was threatened to stop breeding her horses, (they were really good) other wise they'd make her. She complained to Owlient and she was ignored, because she hadn't payed as much for items on there as the the user that was threatening her.

    But CS, they are a very nice bunch over there, and it's really the only pet site I go on now! (meowmoss/meowool on there)