Saturday, January 1, 2011

LadySelene: A true Hero

Now, to join the ranks of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln as heroes, presenting..... LadySelene. Sadly she is among the ranks of those who quit. This, my fellow protesters is the Final Post of LadySelene.

Foo, you have well and truly pushed me to my breaking point. Congratulations. I had anticipated that I wouldn’t be making this post until January, and yet here I am. I’m making this post a bit earlier than I thought.

You all may know me from my previous long-winded diatribes and rants, and you probably know that I’ve been one of Foo’s most vocal dissenters. If you don’t know me, you’re about to. I decided to scale back and cool down on the forums for fear of getting suspended or even banned. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. Go ahead Foo, ban me. Silence me. I won’t be able to play on your little site anymore. I’m heartbroken. Really. Well, I guess this will mean I’ll get to do more productive things with my time rather than putter around Foo.

Oh, and I’m about to quit my ClubFoo so this will be the last post I make on here in this particular forum. (And to the others on the forums that read this, this will pretty much be my last post period.) Goodbye, so long, and farewell. It’s been nice knowing you. I’m gonna cancel my CF membership immediately after this is posted. So this is me clicking my wallet shut. You’re not getting any more money out of me, Foo. You’ve already lost countless customers, and you’ve just lost one more. It makes me ill to think of the money that I spent on this sorry site that I’ll never get back, but oh well. That’s water under the bridge, so to speak.

You know, even with the price jacking and all the other wonderful “changes” you’ve forced on us, I was willing to stay. I was willing, possibly, to give you another chance in the hopes that, if I may borrow a line from the movie “Avatar” that your “insanity could be cured.” But alas, time and time again, I have been proven so very wrong. As it was, my patience for you was as thin as wet tissue paper. And now, you’ve torn right through it. I’m through. I’m finished with giving you chances. You’ve used up your last one.

As of today, I am well and truly DONE. You’ve driven away so many of my friends, forcing them to quit. Good friends that were loyal and supported your site, and I am about to join their ranks.

We’ve ranted. We’ve complained. We’ve sent you e-mails. Politely worded suggestions as much as angrily worded suggestions. And yet, no matter what, it all falls on deaf ears. You’ve made it abundantly clear that you care NOTHING for your customer base, driving them to quit in a truly staggering mass exodus over the last month and a half. You don’t hear us. The only thing that talks to you, apparently, is money. You treat your paying customers little better than those on the free accounts.

You’re a cold-hearted, greedy corporation and you need money. I get it. But even the most soulless of corporate entities knows that in order to keep your customers buying or using your product, you do your best to please them and give them what they want. That’s what surveys are for. You don’t even extend a token effort to PRETEND that you care about your customer base. You’ve made it very obvious that it’s not the customer’s happiness or satisfaction that matters to you. Nope. It’s all about the money with you. Money, money, money. I, at the very least, will give you credit for being up front and honest about where your priorities REALLY are. That only makes quitting easier. I know I can walk away with a clear conscience.

I find you all nauseating and despicable. If it weren’t for the good friends I’d made on Foo, I’d DEEPLY regret ever signing up for this site in the first place, and if I’d had ANY idea it would come to this, I guarantee that I wouldn’t have signed up to begin with. As it was, my friends and the love of my pets are all that kept me here, in spite of the awful and headache-inducing changes. Now, even that isn’t enough anymore. As much as I cherish the connections I’ve made, I simply cannot take it. I cannot stay here. And I refuse to pay for and further patronize a site that has such blatant disregard for its userbase. I will snap my wallet shut and delete my account without a backwards glance. I’m sure that alone will do wonders for my blood pressure and the building ulcers in my stomach. Another reason I’d planned to stick around was for the inevitable schadenfreude, but even that’s not worth it either.

You know something else? I honestly, for the life of me, have NEVER seen a site so very determined to drive itself into the ground and make its members miserable. Just when we think it cannot get any worse, you spring yet ANOTHER change on us that you KNOW will anger us. I’ve got to give you props there. That takes a special kind of dedication. Bravo.

But then, that was the idea, wasn’t it? Make unpopular change after change that drives your members away until your company is on the brink of collapse, declare bankruptcy, and then shuffle off with your nice, fat compensation so that you can go off and live like kings for the rest of your lives.

And if that’s not the truth, then what are we supposed to think? Really, I’d love to know. I’m dying of curiosity. Is it legal fees for the lawsuits of those copyrighted images you stole, cropped, photo shopped and profited off of without the original owners knowing? Oh yes, I know all about that. We lowly Foo peons could guess, speculate and discuss for hours. But I’m not sure I entirely believe that it’s something as simple as bad business sense. You may be greedy SOB’s, but you aren’t stupid. I think you all know exactly what you’re doing, and probably planned this months in advance. I myself only have the most basic grasp of economics and how to operate a business, but anyone with eyes and half a brain can see that you’re going about it COMPLETELY wrong, and doing the opposite of what you should be doing. So I’m led to believe that you’ve been making the decisions you have been with the intent to deliberately sabotage your own company. Oh sure you’ll lose Foo but at least you’ll get a nice payout. I wonder what you’ll use that money for, Dr. Ron? Probably to move on to your next con.

And for those of you who wish to defend the good doctor, relax, I’m not here to harp on his past actions. Heck, I wasn’t even aware of his criminal past when I first signed up. I’m not going to judge him for his past, however I am more than happy to judge him based on his actions here, in the present. The fact is, judging by Dr. Ron’s recent behavior though, I’m going to say that history is repeating itself. He has a past of extortion, money laundering, larceny and thievery. He’s got a pretty good rapsheet, if you’re inclined to look up his court records. The fact is, Dr. Ron is morally bankrupt. He has no conscience. Once a con man, always a con man. He may have been released from prison but he certainly hasn’t reformed his ways. People like him don’t change. He is, quite simply, a sociopath.

The irony of all this is that now Foo is banning and suspending users-kids, no less-accusing them of money laundering and “cheating” FD when the whole glitch with the art submissions went down. Classy. That was yet another triumphant example of Foo making US pay for THEIR screw ups. There was a well known ClubFoo member who became a friend of mine. She was a FooGuru. She has been permanently banned because of the art glitch through no fault of her own.

Regardless, it astonishes me how anyone can defend this company anymore. I’ve watched with a sort of grim amusement the “Foo Crusaders” champion and rush in to white knight Foo again and again. It never ceases to amaze me how Foo’s most die-hard loyalists will bend, twist and contort themselves into all sorts of shapes to find ways to justify and explain Foo’s horrendously greedy actions. When really, there IS no justification for these changes that I can see. But then, I’m sure that if I were to ask a FooDefender to enlighten me on WHY the changes are “for the good of the website” they’d be more than happy to do so.

Although I’ve noticed that many of Foo’s formerly most ardent defenders have come to the anti side over the past few weeks because Foo finally made a change that they found intolerable. And those of you left standing up for Foo, well, I’m sure the day will come when Foo makes a change even YOU can’t find a reason to defend. Or more likely, you’ll bury yourself even deeper in denial and continue to fight the good fight for Foo’s sake, telling the naysayers that they’re all wrong. But the cognitive dissonance from the pro Foo crowd is truly an impressive thing to witness. What color is the sky in your world? Is it pink from the rose colored glasses that you’re wearing?

But I’m not here to try and convert the FooGooders. They’re beyond hope, and they can’t be reasoned with.

Which brings me to my final point. The reason why I’m quitting is because of what they’ve done to people. Not only has Foo banned people for having opinions that don’t praise the greatness of Foomojo and those who tell the truth about the skeletons in Foo’s closet, but now they’re banning or suspending them for displaying simple acts of kindness. I have two prime examples.

One is a FooMember many of you know well. She’s beloved on the forums, and by all accounts is a kind, sweet, generous person. And she had all three of her accounts suspended. Her crime? She was giving away free pets to her friends. According to Foo, that’s cheating the system, and keeping them from making a profit. That’s right folks those of you who want to do something nice and charitable by giving away a free pet? If Foo catches onto it, you get suspended or possibly even banned. So much for the Christmas spirit, eh? She is devastated. I am aware the poor lady recently had a miscarriage and I expressed my sympathy to her for her loss. It galls me that Foo would do something so cruel to someone as kindhearted and giving as her, especially considering what she’s been through lately.

Another member is a very good friend of mine who recently had a seriously dirty trick pulled on her. I won’t mention her by name. She logged in to find that all of her FD had been confiscated by FooKate. No reason, no warning, no explanation. She looked at her ledger, and her FD was just gone. This girl is one of the most hardworking and dedicated foomembers I’ve ever seen, and also one of the most loyal. She wasn’t a member of ClubFoo, either. She worked for every single FD she got. She earned them, not bought them. She was determined to stay to the bitter end.

However, this stunt has driven her to quit. This sweet, hardworking girl has been viciously betrayed by Foo. I bet they’re proud of themselves, stealing money from a young kid. Just when I thought Foo couldn’t sink any lower, they do this.

The reason why they took her FD? It was because she was giving away pets for free, just like the other person.

You know what? I’d seriously like to see the Foo lovers and the FooAmbassadors come on here and justify both of these incidents, ESPECIALLY certain other people’s suspensions when they’ve done NOTHING wrong. Just showed kindness to their friends by gifting them free pets. I guess their crime was not supporting Foo’s precious profit margin and keeping them in the black.

Go ahead. Tell me how that’s grounds for suspension. I’d like to hear it.

But of course, I know that I’ll get nothing more than a vague explanation from the Ambassadors, at best. There’s no point in asking them because really, they know nothing. All they are is Foo’s minions, out to drop the ban hammer and shut up those of us who dare to voice our anger and outrage at the injustices inflicted on us.

So, there you have it. The reason why I’m quitting isn’t because of the price jacking, the termination of Pokey breeding, or even the ruination of breeders by dumping ultra stats on the market, the raising of the FooTax preventing anyone from hoping of making a profit from the selling of puppies or rare items or all their other changes that squeeze people down to their last FD so that they’ll buy more. No, the reason why I’m quitting is because of Foo’s abuse of its members. I have no wish to be part of a site that punishes people for acts of generosity or kindness, or those who speak out against unfair treatment, and are given no reason why they’re banned or suspended. I have no wish to be part of a site whose user’s pleas for communication go unanswered, and is only met with cold, indifferent silence. I will not be part of a website that seeks to brutally punish its users for THEIR mistakes.

One final point: Dr. Ron, if your intention is to destroy this website so that you can collect a payout, know this: if you do, the Internet won’t soon forget it should you seek to start up another Internet business venture in the future. We will remember. You’d do well to keep that in mind.

The rare item a few weeks ago was, incidentally, a sinking ship in the Foomart. It’s almost prophetic. Indeed, Foo is sinking like the Titanic and I plan to get going while the going is good. I’m hopping into my lifeboat, cutting the ropes, and sailing away. I’d advise the rest of you to do the same. It was good while it lasted, but I feel the time has come for me to make my departure.

But before I leave, I would like to say that I can be found on Alacrity. Same username. My number on there is 7653. Feel free to use me as a referral and drop me a message or send me a friend request.

Here is the link to Ala:

On my way out the door, here are a few parting gifts from me. They’re worth visiting. Enjoy.………

As for rant posts, this is my piece de resistance, my magnum opus, my swan song, my final requiem.

And as the sun sets and the curtain falls on my time here on Foo, I bid you all a fond adieu.


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