Friday, January 14, 2011

The FooKate Conspiracy

I received this information from a anonymous source. FooKate is gone. She just left. People believe she quit. But she was really fired. The truth is FooMojo is out of money. They had to fire FooKate because they could not pay her. She became a black star, losing her A. But minutes later she was gone. Did she delete her account? Or was it Foo, worried that she would tell what she knows? The members are not supposed to know about this. Those who do have been suspended such as Harpalyce, and others.


  1. I heard that the reason she got fired is that she sent an inappropriate letter to a member and they forwarded it to foo mojo. They haven't been paying some of the other employees though, which is why some of the others left, including the former art designer

  2. I've always hated FooKate anyway. She kept taking away everyone's pets and then ignoring them/sending mean replies back.